Patent & Trademark Services

Key Benefits:

SOLUTRON employs a group of specialists, engineers, scientists, patent agents and patent lawyers with more than 20 years experience, providing comprehensive information retrieval and patent research, in addition to patent application preparation and prosecution. All searches include an interview with the U.S. Patent Examiner assigned to the art, a manual search of U.S. patents (foreign patents when requested), and an on-line computer search using the same Examiner's Assisted Search Tool (EAST) used by the U.S. Patent Examiners.


  • Patent Searching (U.S. and International): Validity, Infringement, Collection, Right-to-Use, Novelty, Patentability
  • Patent File Wrapper Copying
  • Trademark Searching and Copyright
  • Literature Searches: Periodicals, Magazines, Chemical Abstracts, IEEE Transactions
  • Patent and Trademark Document Retrieval
  • Certified and File History Copies
  • Assignment Ownership, Status Checks, Search & Watch
  • Patent Copy Sales (Paper or CD-ROM)
  • Technology and Trend Analysis

Corporate Experience:

SOLUTRON offers authoritative services in the areas of:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering - Analog and Digital
  • Telecommunications - Voice and Data.
  • Computer Science - Software, Hardware, Computer Communications, Computer Security, Storage, File and Systems Management, Internet Based Web-Enabled Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Expert Systems
    • Robotics (Computer Controlled Robots, including Hardware and Software Methods)
    • Natural Languages
    • Pattern Recognition, Fuzzy Logic, Object Oriented Programming, Neural Network
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Bio-Medical Engineering
    • Surgical Tools, Equipment, Electronic Counterparts (i.e., Pacemakers, Artificial Limbs)

Technology Topics

  • Telecommunications
    • Advanced Intelligent Networks
    • ISCP Setting in Intelligent Networks
    • Object-Based Call Flow Modeling
    • Answering Machine with Selected Language Outgoing Message and Language Translation
  • Computer Science
    • Universal Input/Output Co-Processor
    • Pattern Matching Using Neural Network
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD) System
    • Dynamic Port Reconfigurations
    • Ladder Logic
    • Protected Software (especially Video Game Cartridge)
  • Digital Imaging
    • Self-Contained Digital Camera
    • Laser Print-Head with Elliptical Spot Shop
    • Digital Image Processing Using Sliding Window
    • Information Bi-Directional Interleaving for Data Recording
  • Electrical/Electronic
    • Programmable Hardware Filters
    • X-Ray Exposure Meter
    • Pocket Calculator
    • Ultrasonic Sensor to Measure Non-Elastic Properties
    • Overlay Target and Measurement Procedure to Enable Self-Correction for Wafer-Induced and Tool Induced Shift
  • Mechanical/Others
    • Magnetic Pumps
    • Nozzle for Mixing of Exhaust Jets with Ambient Air
    • Surgical Tools
    • Self-Destructable Syringe
    • Remote Detection of Pipeline Leaks


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